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Fix your curbs appeal! City completes Curb repair

The city recently finished a round of curb repairs. Where it could seem convenient to let the city preform repairs it ends up costing you more in the long run then fixing it yourself or hiring a local contractor. If you do not know how to do home repairs alone click here for a book

When the city accesses that your property needs repair, you as the homeowner can preform repairs and maintenance. The City will not seek out the most affordable contractor, They will find a contractor that meets their standards for repair. Looking to have concrete repair delivered to your home click here

Added Charges by the city

For Example the actual costs plus administrative fee is listed her

Property Address Length TYPE Unit Cost 4% Admin Subtotal

800 S VANDEMARK RD 104.3 BC2 $35.25 $3,676.58 $147.06 $3,823.64

Additionally 6% interest will raise the cost to $4,538.59

Auditor fee is $226.93

Bringing the new Subtotal to $4,765.52

The cost is nearly %20 more expensive just in administrative fees and collection.

Did you know the city manager publishes a newsletter? The Newsletter has a list of local contractors you can hire to preform your own repairs. You can access the Newsletter through the city managers page by clicking here

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