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P&The to Socal Justice? Biden's Plan hits Sidney Ohio

Sidney City Council Introduced an ordinance A3101

A tax credit for a local EGS company. P&THE may have values you do not share. However they will receive a tax credit to manipulate employees to adhere to their and Biden's new Agenda Idealism.

Ordinance A3101

P&The recently purchased Ross Aluminum building and are hoping to bring back some of Ross's employees with technical expertise. They intend to hire 175 new employees yet did not qualify for state grants as the project was an acquisition it will not provide new job in the state.

Who are the new owners though

P&THE a Minority owned business with a mission to be disruptive and vocal on EGS issues especially in regards to Social Justice. From their own goals they want to develop and find workers who share their values and mission statements.

A mission to be a local disruptor and offering little advancement opportunities for the majority demographic of Sidney. Instead of employees being developed on the results of their work ethic. Their promotions will be subject to race. Companies may hold their own values, generally those values support the community as a whole. Employees should be able to flourish in a company based on their ability and skills and not be limited by race and ethics that don't meet a company standards.

Especially unfair to other local industry and local business

Tax Credits to billionaires. P&the acquired Ross aluminum as they entered the billionaire table this year. Capital Funding was provided by SWS. Their entire approach to capitalize on this acquisition was to gain grants and Tax credits from the City and State. This company that wants to press a socialist agenda onto the community also plans to only be viable as a socialist company receiving tax credits from Sidney.

Where is the tax credits for entrepreneurs in Sidney. Where is the access to Capital for a vast industrial city that Sidney is. The city should not be so desperate to sacrifice the values of hard working citizens to find a quick solution to the closing of Ross Aluminum. These resources haven't been offered to other local companies that also employee large number of employees that have faced layoffs the last few months.

Company Values Highlights

Their goal

Our goal is to find and develop workers who understand our mission, values and vision.

Their Vision

OUR MISSION We commit to utilize sound business practices, leverage the knowledge and experience of our workforce, and attract/build minority (ethnic/women) talent to create higher levels of success as defined by our customers.
OUR VALUES We are called to develop/grow the capabilities of minority communities and beyond. We encourage employees to embrace quality, value diversity and to be: Vocal Honest Innovative Accurate Be High in Quality value Diversity

We aim to be a disruptor and set new standards for accuracy and efficiency.

Biden's Agenda

By Executive order ERISA Managers of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 from creating an impact on environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) matters. Nonetheless, Biden’s administration has removed many of such barriers and boost ESG’s role. Thus, in January 2021 President Biden issued an Executive Order instructing government agencies to revise any regulations, orders or guidelines issued during Trump’s administration that are inconsistent with certain environmental and social policies by executive order


Should companies in Sidney pay their fair share? Do you want to support the new Biden Agenda in Environment Social Corporate Governance? City council will return to consider this tax credit on August 22nd. It isn't enough to complain on Facebook

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