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School Report Card

Overall average rating for Sidney City Schools. 2.8/5 =D rating

Achievement Component Star Rating: How well students preformed on state testing.

3=C Sidney Meets statewide testing expectation

Progress Component Star Rating: tracks how children are doing year over year


Gap Closing Component Star Rating: Measures Chronic Absentees, Gift Children programs and Minority inclusion


Graduation Component Star Rating: Three stars mean a graduation rate of 90-93.4%


Early Literacy Component Star Rating: It measures reading improvement and proficiency for students in kindergarten through third grade.

3=c Average number of kids were proficient in reading Ohio schools will no longer receive letter grades. The hope is that this new system will be fairer for schools and easier for parents to understand. Schools that have been preforming badly have been complaining about the schools scoring system. Schools will now receive star ratings and can earn up to 5 stars in each category.

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