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St Marys Ave 25 MPH

The neighborhood along St Marys Ave has been long plagued by speeders driving through this residential street. State route 29 which is 45 MPH clear up to Harmon Park was feeding speeders through the residential street as the speed limit dropped to 35 and motorists were maintaining a speed of nearly 40 MPH.

However motorists may have been unaware the speed limit actually drops to 25 MPH hour when crossing Park/PIKE onto the southern half of St Marys Ave. Local Residents were concerned as there are many young children along the route.

Motorists have been negligent to show regard for the safety of the kids in this little neighbor hood and residents were reporting daily near misses and were starting to keep children in doors.

A local landlord brought the issue to the Attention of City Manager Andrew Bowsher. The City Manager looked up the property on the City's GIS system and there was not a speed limit on the system. The speed limits set for residential properties all around were at 25 MPH. The city actually has a speed limit of 25 where signs are not posted regardless

City Manager Bowsher set a speed limit sign when entering the roadway. Additionally he worked with the Sidney Police Department to step up patrols in the neighborhood to enforce the speed limit and bring the neighborhood some reprieve.

Next time you are driving south on 29 and heading down into the St. Marys neighborhood. Please be considerate for the families that live there

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