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Let's start with the real reason crime seems rampant in the city. From cars and trucks being sprayed with graffiti to Fentanyl laced drugs increasing overdoses. Street Brawls, Cars and dirt bikes driving recklessly through the streets and finally drugs. The community on the precipice of growth and expansion is being choked by crime and poor conditions of our city's neighborhoods.


Sidney Police, officers were dispatched to 628 Buckeye Ave. on Tuesday on the report of a stabbing. An investigation determined Martin and Raymond Becerra, as well as their adult sons, got into a physical altercation. During the physical altercation, Martin allegedly stabbed Becerra in the torso, causing a significant wound


The Assailant Martin Melvin Monroe works at a local Gas Station. His son who was also in the altercation is Mentally challenged. The Assailants lived in a property owned by Liette. The victim was care flighted to Miami valley from Wilson. The Assailaint is set to be arraigned for Felonious assault on August 10th

What is happening on Buckeye.

Immediately next to the park is a dilapidated property that is drawing trouble. Despite City efforts to maintain parks properties like this drag down entire neighborhoods. Slum properties and their respective landlord purchase properties through wholesalers and foreclosures.

There are around 300 foreclosures in Shelby county every single year. Landlords for properties often do not background check tenants and operate these properties on a cash basis. Low revenue, lack of efficient repairs and increase crime are challenges the community has to face. Landlords of dilapidated/slum properties take with no real reinvestment. No matter the efforts City council may take to improve a neighborhood. They can't out make up in a bruise like this.


It is a hard conclusion as to the answer to the rise in crime facing the city. There is a Security Gap that we are facing we will be sharing on later in the week. It comes from a need of additional police and plans to actually improve our neighborhoods. Private and Public meetings with Government to develop real solutions to make Sidney Great Again

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