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The Great Chicken Debate

The Great Chicken debate:

City council held discussions yesterday and seemingly in near deadlock on the decision on whether to allow citizens to have chickens or not.

The Administration had considered other towns nearby and their ordinances on chickens. Ordinances were wide ranging from cities like Troy, which has strictly prohibited chickens within city limit. Then Cities like Piqua and Dayton that require lots sizes to be greater then 1 acre and 100 ft from neighbor’s properties.

The Cons

The Administration detailed there would never be more then 366 lots in the city that would be eligible to house chickens in the event they were to adopt similar ordinances. Lots that were eligible are generally restricted by the covenants of their HOA agreements. In fact, only 49 lots in Sidney were likely to proceed in their bid to obtain chickens.

When considering the production of eggs local egg expert Tim Weaver of Weaver eggs stated that there is no egg shortage that he is aware of as Weaver eggs produces 1.5 million eggs per day in Versailles alone. Councilman and former Mayor Barhorst also pointed out that backyard chickens are prevalent in spreading the Avian flu. Avian Flu devastated that chicken livestock in China and there were fears that Avian Flu could even mutate to spread to humans.

Landlord impact

When discussing the idea of chickens on Rental properties, local landlords were very concerned about the mess left behind by tenants. One problem landlords face when tenants vacate properties is pets and feces already being left behind. Another landlord pointed out it would draw out new issues as the many strays and outside cats would attack chickens rising to new atomicity amongst neighbors.


Those for chickens want the opportunity of economic and food independence. It is a very valid point considering rising food costs and shortages plaguing the United States now. Chickens like pets can be educational opportunities for children and bring companionship.

City Council

The City Council would like to hear from you as 3 councilmen support in general the idea of chickens and 3 councilmen oppose the idea of chickens. As a whole City Council would like more input for the community. Now is your chance to enter the great chicken debate. City council meets Monday 6/13/2022 at 630PM or write to them before.

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