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The Young and the Restless~ Sidney Ohio Online

As social Media takes center stage to offer the community the opportunity to comment on current events involving the city. Are we feeding into the drama to the point that we are hurting relationships and creating drama that wouldn't exist

Today we are going to talk about the anonymity that we think we hold on the internet. Many of us take to social media to express concern and complaint about our government, our neighbors, and our community. Where Social Media is a wonderful platform that we use to express and communicate to others. There can be dire side effects in our small pocket community like ours in Sidney Ohio

Shooting of James Douglas Rayl

Tensions grew exceptionally high with posts reaching 17,00o views Hundreds of comments, shares and likes. Where there were opinions on both sides. Left behind was a part of the community that was mourning the loss of a friend and family member. Facebook was quick in removing many comments that were considered inciting violence. Where there was no actual threat was being made to any particular person. Facebook removed posts where threats were made even against invisible intruders.

Code Enforcer

Is the code enforcer the boogie Man? the bad guy everyone loves to hate? Have we gone to far in our descriptions of Arthur Franklin the city code enforcer? I know for a fact Arthur Franklin in a proud father. He is a local pastor that works with the city's homeless. Most of all he is a Person with the role of enforcement.

Judge Carter in City of Toledo vs. Anthony Gerstner

Social Media in particular is not an isolated world where you can express yourself in such a way free from consequences. In the words of Judge Gary Carter " Words are Weapons." Such words were used recently on the Sidney Ohio Community forum. Anthony Gerstner had received a violation from the City of Sidney. In a thread and in the heat of the moment he posted a threat against the code enforcer. A 65 year old Anthony Gerstner a bus driver. Recently made a threats against Code enforcement. A threat that many in the community liked and shared. That if Arthur (Code Enforcer) came onto his porch would cause him harm. Anthony Gerstner was sentenced today for Aggravating Menace. Judge carter further stated that the role of code enforcement and law enforcement needs to be respected.

Apology and Regret

Anthony and his defense attorney both apologized for the words that were said on the Sidney Ohio Community Forum. He like many others get caught up in the moment on Social media. He stated that Code Enforcer Arthur Franklin was never in any real danger.


The internet has an amazing ability to bring news quickly and allow a close connection to the users. Users should be careful to realize that you have a real physical connection with many of your neighbors and friends in the community. You are absolutely entitle to your opinion. What is said on Facebook is also said is reality.

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